Welcome to the Southampton Master Plan Website
This website has been created to share the Southampton Master Plan 2013, explain how it was developed, and report on the activities taking place to implement its recommendations.
What is a Master Plan?
A Master Plan is a guide for a community's future. it is a comprehensive document that will help guide development decisions and actions in Southampton for the next 10 to 20 years. It is not a zoning regulatory document, it has no legal effect. Rather it attempts to answer broad questions: How do we want our town to grow? What are our most important resources and assets? How do we protect them? How do we crate a better comunity for our children?
What is the purpose of the Master Plan?
A Master Plan will describe our long-term vision for Southampton, as well as how this vision will be achieved. Through this plan, we will communicate a sense of place and an understanding of what is unique to Southampton. The Goals, Strategies and Actions presented in the Master Plan will guide local decisions on public and private uses of land, as well the provision of public services. Many communities use Master Plans to budget capital improvements, to determine priority lands for open space acquisition, to prioritize zoning changes, and to promote economic development.
What topics will our Master Plan address?
Chapter 1 Demographics and Housing
Chapter 2 Economic Development
Chapter 3 Historic and Cultural Resources
Chapter 4 Open Space and Natural Resources
Chapter 5 Mobility
Chapter 6 Public Services and Facilities
Chapter 7 Energy
Chapter 8 Land Use
Chapter 9 Master Plan Implementation
How can I participate?

A successful Master Planning process relies community participation. Citizens have been involved in producing this paln. Now you can help implement its recommendations by reading the plan and volunteering to be a member of the Master Plan Implementation Committee to learn more.

Southampton Town Administrator